Hey Don, Here's a testimonial for you:

"To all (I mean all) motorcycle enthusiasts, we all know stock seats suck. Bring your ass and your bike to Don. He will custom build you a seat. He will stick with you and tweak your seat until it fits your ass perfectly and you are happy. No 'butts' about it. Don will take care of your ass. That's just the way it is. He's did my Ninja seat and he's done my Harley seat now and I would not even consider another seat builder. Straight up."

Thanks Don!


Hi Don,
I received my motorcycle seat yesterday (12/16/03) right on time. I am very impressed with your work. I will be sure to recommend your business to friends and aquintances. There don't seem to be any shops like yours in our area.
- Ed C.

Now, this is a REAL saddle! Just what I needed. Perfect. Thanks.
- Mel

I am enjoying the saddle. Spent some riding time on it yesterday, over to Eastern Oregon and back. My butt was smiling the whole way. I posted a recommendation on the Guzzi Owners web page. Thanks for the great work and the interesting conversation.
- Mark W.

I thought I would let you know how I like the seat on the KTM 950 . I have close to 4000 miles on it . I did 1600 miles with it last weekend ,with 850 on it Sunday . I am pleased with it, seems to be getting better as miles pileup.
- David B.

Just a word to let you know how much we like the seat and how we enjoyed spending the day watching you work your wonders. I learned a thing or two and thats always an experience. Thanks again and I'm going to pass the word about your seats, service and other products.
- Mike & Gail L.

Hi Don,
I wanted to let you know that I did receive my seat last week. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the seat, very nice fit and finish! It feels great compared to the stock "board". I have plans to go to a few rallies this summer around PA. I'm confident the seat will deliver the long distance comfort I crave. So, thanks again for professional, reasonably priced job done in a timely manner.
- Brian G.

I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to write before now. I received my seat this past Saturday and couldn't put it on the motorcycle right away because I had to admire it for a while - it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! And the texture is perfect too, not slippery at all but I can still move around if I want to. After feeling it all over and looking at every single minute detail - by the way, I especially like how you used two different types of vinyl - I put it on the motorcycle. The combination of the lowered seat plus lowering the forks the second inch (for a total of two inches) makes the height of the bike very manageable for me. I can reach my toes to the ground on both sides. I went for a short ride of a half hour or so and just loved everything about the seat. I couldn't stay out too long though, because I caught a horrible cold late last week and could barely breathe. Anyway, I so much appreciate what you did with the seat.

And now the boyfriend is super jealous!! He would really like to get his seat done the same way. He's got a 2004 BMW GS 1150 and although he doesn't have any problems with the height since he's been riding for thirty years it wouldn't hurt him to be lowered an inch or two. Also, he loved the work you did on mine. He liked the look and the feel of it, and the craftsmanship of course is amazing. Unfortunately he can't afford to have his done right now, but I won't be surprised if he eventually breaks down and has it done.

I know you already have a lot of extremely well satisfied customers, but if you EVER need a reference please feel free to send people to me. Also, if anyone in this area ever asks about your work I'd be more than happy to show them my seat. In fact, I can even ride my motorcycle to wherever they are to show it to them!!!

I'll send updates on my progress, and please tell your wife how thrilled I am with the seat!
- Debbie

Just a quick Thank you for the excellent job you did on my bandit seat. I finally got the chance to put some long days in on it and it is perfect.
- Mike C.

LOVE my new seat! I took it out for a spin on Sunday AM. The seat does everything I hoped it would do and more – more comfortable than my stock seat that I didn’t think I had any “butt” problems with, made my legs longer, and just fits my butt better. On top of that it looks so cool. The brushed vinyl keeps me from slipping. Although the seat felt right when I sat on it at your shop, I knew I couldn’t be 100% sure until I actually went on a ride. I was at a Women In the Wind meeting and the Prez asked me to write an article for the newsletter about my seat experience since there are several members who either want to lower their seat or get a more comfortable one. THANKS!! - Taeko

Hi Don,
Just got home. I would rather ride I-5 on your seat than HWY1 on the stock model. The new riding position feels more natural and resulted in less fatigue. You're right...the extra support felt really nice. Also, the final shaping did the trick..there is absolutely no forward sliding tendancy. Good idea on the bar risers. Thanks both for sharing your F650 knowledge and on your and Debbie's hospitality. It was a fun experience, and sure beats putting a seat in a box and hoping it will be right.

Gotta go... I feel the need to make a to-do list of things that came up on this ride. (otherwise I'll forget them by tomorrow)
- Russ

Don -
We got home safe and had a blast. We really enjoyed ourselves at your shop. The seats on our 1200 GS are very comfortable and look awesome. Remember - looks are everything! Right? We would like to thank you for the great experience and the fine product you created for us. Maybe we will see you on the road some time. Tell Debbie we said hi. Thanks

- Jeff & Debbie M.

Hello Don,
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received my seat Monday the 10th of October. My butt is comfy and I can also touch the ground with both feet. This is a first after clocking 45,000 on my F650. The seat also looks great. Mark me down as being very happy......
I'm going to ruin any retirement thoughts you may have and send as much business your way as possible. :)

- Richard S.

Well, spent 2 days with Mr. Ed: custom seat, Ohlins for the rear, Wirth + 10 wt for the front, Touratech HID light with PIAA on/off switch so it works independently.

Got home last night and gave the finance manager (FM) the bill, then took her downcast face out to the street and demonstrated lo beam, hi beam, low with HID and High with HID; she, no motorcycle enthusiast, said good buy! Despite having viewed various comparisons of lighting systems in the FAQs and elsewhere, the real life demonstration of the HID was awesome.

Brought the bike into the garage and she & my stepdaughter (adult equestrienne) inspected the seat; the fm's uncle was an upholsterer and she is a fiber artist; she and the daughter were quite impressed with both trying it out (2nd time ever for the FM to sit on the bike). Again, good buy!

Today I showed her the old springs and shock; a blank look.

Took the bike for its post upgrade ride 50+ miles as a storm was moving in with gusty winds, changing direction, blowing leaves; hit the twisties, the highway, town, and roads under construction. The bike's sensitivity to crosswinds is much reduced and hand pressure required to overcome wind is less, ride is great, I feel much more in contact with the road and tracking was better, despite the weather I found myself gravitating towards speeds 10-15 mph higher than when I commuted on those roads, with more aggressive rolling on the throttle; had to keep watching the speedometer to avoid unwarranted contribution to local governance. I was surprised that I, as a novice rider, could tell such a difference from the stock (of course, I was overloading the stock pretty good).

Seat is more supportive, more secure (no sliding forward), and with no hit of pressure points that would be uncomfortable on longer rides; and it looks nice. Time, of course, is the true test for the upgrades.

All-in-all, the FM said, well, ok, I guess its better than buying a new $20k bike!

Had a great time with Don; his shop/garage is a gathering place for good-natured retirees with lots of laughs. His & Debbie's store is unbelievably well stocked with good stuff in a wide variety of sizes. Nothing like that here in Olympia & Ashford. abc ;

Thanks for the good work and the enjoyable 2 days; I got Dominique home on time; hope you and Debbie can come up sometime.

- abc

I want to let you know how much I am enjoying the seat you made for my KLR. I instantly liked it, but now I have a few months, about 4,000 miles and some big days in the new saddle to back up my initial impressions.

The seat was great on the 4 hour stints, but I was anxious to see how a longer journey would go (I had never gone an extended period of tank to tank riding). A 10 hour day of mixed dirt and highway riding proved that a limiting factor was now removed. The design allows me to comfortably ride on the highway but move up the seat for technical stuff / weight shifts. I recently took the bike to California (12 hours straight on a KLR!), did a bunch of dual sport riding, then headed back home. In 3 days of non-stop riding I never had to think about my seat. Your work simply took the seat out of the equation. That concept seems strange to the Corbin fans, so your seats must be doing something that few people get to experience. I could have kept riding each day as far as the seat was concerned - my wrist wasn't as thrilled about the idea.

Thanks for making a 6'6" guy comfortable on a motorcycle!

- Jay

I totally enjoyed the day I spent with you when you built my seat. Having completed several full days of riding on your seat, I want to tell you that it has been a great investment. The innovative craftsmanship in the seat is worth every penny I spent on it.

- Alan R.

Hello Don -
I am very late in writing to thank you for the fine job you did on the custom seat for our BMW 650ST (Saturday 9/16/06). The seat is very comfortable both solo and two-up and is a vast improvement over the original. I'm very pleased with the appearance of the seat, too. The color you suggested for the contrasting piping is spot on. The quality of construction and attention to detail is superb. We've received many compliments from other riders, all to whom I've recommended your services. I hope they all find their way to your shop (and to Debbie's store).

Thanks again for your expertise and for accomodating us on a Saturday. Best regards to Debbie, too.

- Leslie & Terry D.

Hello Don,
I don't believe that I sent you any pictures of the finished AJS so here are a few.
The seat fits perfectly and is very accurate and close to the orriginal.

- Bjorn K.

Hi Don,
Just wanted you to know how much Brenda and I love the custom seat you built for us. Fits like a glove, can`nt wait for some long haul rides in comfort. The whole experience was very enjoyable. I definately will recommend you to all my friends. Thanks,

- Robert M.

Hi Don,
Well the trip home though colder than the ride down was a lot more
comfortable. I drove 180 miles before stopping for gas and getting back on
was so comfortable. Can't wait to try a nice little 10 hour drive. You
can give out out my name as a satisfied customer and if anyone in the
seattle- tacoma area would like to see your work, send them my way.

Thanks for making riding enjoyable

- Frank G

I want to thank you for the excellent fitting you did Friday matching my butt to my motorcycle! Not only does the seat work, it looks like it came with the bike! At first I noticed the stiffer foam, to the point of feeling the road through my seat (a novel experience and a good thing as well). The best part is the longer I sit on it, the less I think about it and can concentrate on the ride. Thanks again for the entertaining and very informative day and the opportunity to meet some of your wonderful friends!

- Rodney B

Made it back to Bend in one piece...no deer but almost took out a turkey vulture up on Tombstone! Man...those suckers are big!

VERY comfortable ride...150% improvement. I would imagine it will only get better as the seat gets broken in... If you'd like, please use this as a testimonial...I've attached a "before" and "after" pic...
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the seat you recently built for my '04 BMW GS Adventure. A 150% improvement over the stock seat! I give you three "E's"...(as opposed to AAA, but you've got my vote there, too!)

The first "E" is for "Education". I learned a lot from watching you build that seat. It's obvious you are a true craftsman and know your stuff! Being a rider yourself certainly helps.

The second "E" is for "Entertainment". For those of you doing a ride in, while you're at the shop with Don building your seat, you'll find that he's "been around" and knows a heck of lot about everything...just ask him! Between watching the seat being built and yakking with Don, the day flew by. Watching Don relate to his helpful and friendly employees is also a real treat.

The last "E" is for "Excellence". No part of the day was hurried...everything was done in a careful, well-thought out manner. Numerous test "sits" during the construction to make sure that things were comfortable...a test ride to ensure that everything was just right...beautiful covering job. It's very obvious that Don values customer service and takes pride in his craft.

Thanks for an excellent product and a biker mentality!

- Neil M.

I couldn't be happier with my seat for that 74 R 90/6. The bike looks like new. Thanks a bunch. I will tell everyone who will listen about your company.

- Larry T.

I got the seat you re-constructed for my GS 650 in time for my son and I to get in a 3 day ride over Father's Day weekend. Thanks for getting it back in time as we have been planning this trip for some time now.
After 400 miles, half of which was washboard gravel and dirt roads, the seat comfort level is now what I would expect of a touring machine. You did the job well and you have my gratitude for making my 650 much more enjoyable to ride. Thanks again for the fine service and swift turnover!

- Al P.

Dan & Stephanie F here.......I LOVE MY SEAT!!!! !!! I have only got to ride the bike only a couple of times, but what I have, it's been heaven!! and we can't rave about you enough, we have been telling everyone & now we are out of your cards.....Oh yeah, so does Dan....

We'll be seeing you soon!! Thanks

- Stephanie & Dan

Your seat was awesome for the 7500 mile Alaska trip I just did. Thank you so much for your excellent craft. We love the seat! We have a ride report started of our trip to Alaska.
Be sure to check back often, I think we are only up to around day 4-5 as of yesterday.

- Eric W.

Hi Don,
Just a quick note to let you know how much I love my seat!!!
It is absolutely bloody fantastic!!

Thanks again...

- Sophia S.

I put the seat [and my ass] to the test on my '01 BMW Dakar, on 7-14-07 received it back in the mail and right away it felt better than stock, slightly saddled but a little stiff. I sit higher and flat not forward and down on my family jewels. On 7-17-07 I left Sarasota Fl. and headed to Changewater N.J. after 1200 miles the seat broke my ass in. 700 miles around N.J. and Penn. it started to feel softer and more comfortable. I came back on the Skyline and Blue Ridge Parkway and down thru Georgia and home a total of 3543 miles on a well broke in seat. Thanks Don.

- Ken D.

I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent job you did on my seat build. The only people who had a clue that it wasn't stock were only the ones who had their own seat customized or had been looking into getting it done. The seat was extremely comfortable considering we had a few 600-800 mile days, enough so that I wish we could have soldiered on and gotten that Iron Butt patch! I am not sure I could have managed all 3000+ miles with the stock seat. I have attached my favorite picture from the trip. It was an amazing trip, thanks for making it a bearable one to my butt!

Thanks again!
- Jeremy B.

Thanks again for making me such a great seat. On Friday I did an Iron Butt Saddlesore,
and while I feel like I've been in a train wreck today, my butt feels fine.
You make a good product, and I always recommend you.

- Martie

I like it!! Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for taking the time with me. I'll stop around when I'm in the neighborhood.

- Tom

Hi Don and Debbie!
I'm sending some photos of the two seats you made for me for the 07 1200GS and 03 Suzuki DRZ 400S. Had a chance to finally ride the DRZ with the new seat this past week and it is GREAT! As far as the 1200GS seat goes...if the Russell is a "Day-Long" saddle,then your seat should be called the "Weber Week-Long"!

It is so great to ride as long as I want without being saddle sore. Thanks again Don for your craftsmanship on both these fine saddles!

- Tom D.

Thanks again Don. The seat seemed really good on the way home, no issues that I can see. I'm going to Salt Lake at the end of the month, then doing a little 1100 mile around the state, then back home.

- Ken M.

Thanks Don for the great seat! If EVER you get up one day and say "boy, I'd like to ride to the coast with 1 or 2 other people for lunch," PLEASE call me, I'd love to hear more stories about your travels! Who knows, I might even buy next time! :)

- Denis H.

Hi Don,
My apologies for not writing you sooner. Last year you did a seat for my VStrom and I can't express my appreciation for your efforts! Comfort is an understatement. With the stock seat I could go a max of about 150 miles at a time and no more than 500 miles a day...since your seat 600-800 days are easy. When leading a ride, my buddies beg me to take a break...my new nickname is "Long Legs".

- Mark S.

Two relatively long trips and many short ones now in the month since you rebuilt the seat on my VTX1300. I have never been so comfortale for so long since I bought it! Thanks so much - now I can ride in much greater comfort than ever before.

- Frank G.

Spent most of Saturday and Sunday on the Cruiser. I have to tell you that the new saddle has positively transformed the comfort level of the ride on this bike! Thanks for taking the extra time on getting it dialed in. Also, thanks for the work on the back rest. You made it useable for me now. Your fit and finish is #1 !! Thanks again for a super job!

- Jerry Z

Thanks again for the great day. We made the trip home into a nice little hundred mile jaunt. The seat made a huge differance. It was the first time Shelley was able to spend more than a half hour on the bike without having to stop. We are looking forward to giving it a much more in depth test ride soon.

- Larry and Shelley

Really enjoyed the time together on Friday. Appreciated your candor and openness. Conversation was good for me.
The seat is awesome. Fits well. Feels good. Rode 200 miles around the valley on Saturday checking out all the high water and had a blast. The tush felt good during and after the ride. You are truly a craftsman.

-Steve P

Got my new seat on Wed. Only had the chance to ride back and forth to work Wed and Thurs nights, but had a GREAT ride today. You did an OUTSTANDING job! I love it! It cradles my "chubby cheeks" just perfectly, and I feel like I could put in a really long day in the saddle without complaining or itching to get off after a few miles. Thanks so much!

- PJ M.

>yesterday I went for a longer ride with a couple of my friends. Rode to Fossil and back through The Dalles. I did almost 500 miles and although I could feel my butt aching a little bit towards the end, short of some minor discomfort, the seat you made me was absolutely awesome! I changed the bars to something a bit higher which helped but the seat made a world of difference!

Thank you for providing the Pacific Northwest with the opportunity of being able to ride a long time in comfort, even on a sportbike!

- Massimo 'Mac' B.

I arrived home yesterday from a solo 4,000 mile trip with the wonderful seat you made me. My butt didn't bother me at all (even on five 500+ mile days)! My original intent was to go to the annual airshow put on by EAA/Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and come home however the bike took me... That ended up being a trek through five provinces in Canada, then home through Idaho and Washington.Your seat made a huge difference in my enjoyment of the trip. Thank you.

- Martie J.

Hi Don,
Thanks for the great day -- it was a wonderful experience and had a much more comfortable ride home.

- John Z.

Enjoyed the visit with you while doing my seat on Thursday. Seat is much better. I actually feel better bike control
with it. Like the more space for moving around. Good comments from others as to the yellow accent pieces. Been riding each day since returning home. Rode in a total downpour yesterday. Fun times.

- Ron W

Hi Don,
Even though the weather isn't cooperating and that stupid black pea gravel is all over the place; I have put almost 200 miles on the seat. So far, I am unable to duplicate the pain I suffered from my original Suzuki seat. I cant tell you how glad I am about the new seat. The top part is staying just a little hard at the current low temperatures but it doesn't seem to make any difference as I am pain free. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks and have a great Christmas.
I showed the seat to another one of my buddies and he is talking about taking his F650 to you for a new seat. He has a rather large ass and needs some additional width added....unlike me!
- Frank

Hey Don!
I'm a little lazy with getting this email out to you, but I wanted to say, "You did one helluva fine job doing my seat!" You set me up with memory foam and some 'carbon fibre' vinyl covering. I finally got a chance to give the seat a decent test with a trip to Laguna Seca with a couple of friends. During the ride, if I felt like I was getting a little sore, I would just move a bit and it was fine. When I got off the bike at the end of each day, my bum wasn't sore in the slightest! (My stock seat hurt after only 50 miles or so.) Besides that, I wasn't sliding forwards or backwards when I accelerated or hit the brakes anymore, like I would with my stock seat. (PS. I also saw some of your fine work on the Norton bikes at Laguna Seca. Very nice!) Thanks again!- Chris B